The Writers

Hey 🙂

Just call me Felix, another dreamer like YOU who were on his journey finding a place in this world. I am a follower of God, teenager from Indonesia. I have 2 brothers and one sister, and I as the second siblings in the family. About school? I studied at faculty of design on Petra Christian University.

Profile StudioI starts began thinking about the meaning of life at the first grade on senior high school. From then on, I often become a quiet one in class. Cause many of my best-friends got schools abroad.

However, I also often capture moment in my class. Cause my friends ask me to capture their unusual activity in class, although it’s just using a mobile phone camera. “Okay, just one capture”, I said. I’m afraid if my phone taken by the teachers if it seen. Woopss, the teachers is coming, and my phone…”Oh no! What am I doing so far?”

From that mistake, I learn a lot, and it’s my first experience made violations at school, my name listed on the book. Since then, I explore my self, and I always save money for my dream. Finally, I bought a pocket camera at mid-year 2010. Previously, I bought it cause I love to take picture for memorials. However,  it turns out that desire became a hobby and I passion in it.

Upon that time, I started to learn photography. Oneday, I attending my seniors final project exhibition and I join the workshop+competition. Unbelievable! That was my first achievement in my life. Realizing that I don’t have much prospect for photography because by just having a simple pocket camera won’t stop me to experiment and learn photography. Finally, at the end of 2011 I get my dream gadget in photography, DSLR camera. I bought it from the scholarship for college. I had never thought, but it was real.

Ps: Sorry for my bad English 😀