Campus Life

Always think grateful


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Little Escape from Exam


The moment when you’re done doing your task, it will be completely perfect day with having lunch together along with friends. And this what I do that day. (14/15)

Sunset at Campus


Discovering beauty of my Campus:I love how this golden hours create shade – warm light, calm ambience, sunset view – it is a beautiful sight to be seen.

Desporev 2012

Flashback to 2012, this is my very first committee on campus.

Desporev 2012 - 3 felix pangestu blog wordpress

As a new student at the Petra Christian University,  I do not know much about the campus. When there was an opening committee, I try to challenge myself to divide time between studies and committees.

Finally after I was accepted in the equipment division, I tried to perform my duties well. Although I hope that I will go in the documentation division. Therefore, when I finished my desk job, I photographing the events. Here it is 😀

Desporev 2012 - 1 felix pangestu blog wordpress Desporev 2012 - 2 felix pangestu blog wordpress


Desporev 2012 - 4 felix pangestu blog wordpress Desporev 2012 - 5 felix pangestu blog wordpress Desporev 2012 - 6 felix pangestu blog wordpress Desporev 2012 - 7 felix pangestu blog wordpress


Recently I just realized how important keeping a true friendship after seeing many of my true friends who began start a relationship of love. Mother was right, you have to be a friend to have a friend. We can not live without friends. We need to have friends as we need air to breath.

20130413 - Hi and Smile-2

A true friend is someone who sticks by us when we are down and celebrates with us when we are up. It’s someone we trust. It is someone who understands us, knows the real us and appreciates the person we are.

I realize sometimes friendships disintegrate or people grow out of them. Maybe they’re always spending time with their love. But if I’m not spend time together, have fun together and talk (I mean really talk about our life, decisions, whatever is going on), the friendship probably will not last.

20130413 - Hi and Smile-3

So friends, these are I have learned in todays. Make countless of friends and keeping a true friendship for life before decide becoming exclusive to someone. I’m sure it’s worth waiting for, because we are born to be loved and love. 🙂

Just Shoot [7/52]

Sorry for my late post about this 52 week photo challenge. 😦 Actually I wasn’t stop photographing, I still photographing everywhere, but I’m bad on manage my blogging time and process the photos. So here it is my 7/52

Lately, I met with many variety of photography enthusiasts. I’m not saying that I’m a good photographer, I’m just trying make good visual. But I saw them constantly complained of the gear they have and think too much about the technical. Why not trying to maximize your gear and enjoy your freedom?

Quit waiting for everything to be perfect. I believe you have everything you need right now, let’s begin to produce your photograph. Speak your mind 🙂