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Sunset at Campus


Discovering beauty of my Campus:I love how this golden hours create shade – warm light, calm ambience, sunset view – it is a beautiful sight to be seen.


Good Service is Good Business

Good service is good business - toyota kenjeran - 1 felix pangestu blog wordpress

Last week, I went to Toyota car repair shop with my dad. It was my first time going to that repair shop.  This is the service I get: on time, treats, and good solution. I know, these are a simple thing but from those simple things can bring great impact to the customer.

Good service is good business - toyota kenjeran - 2 felix pangestu blog wordpress

The thing that I can notice are,

1. Don’t make promises unless you will keep them. Especially in making an appointment for the first time. We must make a great ‘first impression’ to our customer. So we can grow their trustworthiness in us.

2. Be helpful – even if there’s no immediate profit in it.

Campus Life [6/52]

Petra almamaterku,
tempat menimba ilmu
Tempat membina iman,
percayalah kuberjanji setia


This year (2012) I started studying at college and I finally choose to go at Petra Christian University. A hymn I remember immediately after passing through a series of events P3KMABA (something like o-week), yes because every day we always sing that song, hahaha. It is a gift I can study in college and I don’t wanna waste it. Many things I want to learn there, I saw many awesome and talented students in art major and I feel so envy with what they have. I hope I can develop my softskill and hardskill. Then graduated not only by having great skill but also a good attitude and character. 🙂

Get Closer to Nature [5/52]

On Sunday evening, I got outside and take a walk around with my cousin. He want to learn about photography, and he ask me to teach him a bit about basic photography. I told him a lot about the basic, lil bit complex for beginner and I think he got confused. Then I took him out and said to bring his gear. So he can practice from what he got from the theory. And this is one of my photos about depth of field I show him. I saw a lot improvement with his skill, of course I’m happy to hear that. When the sun goes down, we got back home and I said to him get closer to nature, go outside and take picture. Practice makes perfect! 🙂

Anyway, I’m sorry for my late post, this photo challenge should be posted 2 weeks ago but I got busy with my campus assignment and I have no time for blogging. Hehehehe. Stay tune, cause my late post 1 week ago will be posted very soon 🙂

Light and Shadow part 2


Yeah, I just trying to capture the corridor of  my school. And I make this to B/W cause i think it’ll looks great on B/W rather than colours 🙂