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These are some of good books about culture and vacation. Good enough for those who love travelling or just for looking around about Indonesia. Buku-buku ini adalah:
SUBversi by Ayorek
Jalan-jalan Bali
East Java
Wild Indonesia

Terima kasih perpustakaan UK Petra, koleksi buku yang keren-keren.

Cintai Indonesia. Kenali Indonesia. Rawat Indonesia


Selamat Hari Raya Idul Fitri 1435 (2014)

20140728 - Selamat hari raya idul fitri 1435 felix pangestu blog wordpress

Time flies so fast and I felt 2014 is just started but now we’re facing Lebaran again. I just wanna say Selamat Hari Raya Idul Fitri, mohon maaf lahir & batin.

Sketch of Idul Adha Greets


Sketching for @dkvpetra just another beginner artworks.
So, this year I decided to join online team of DKV Petra. This is one of my work there, sketching with marker, scan it, then make it digital poster. I just do what I love even I still junior in art. I believe, with persistence to learn, everything will be done great with passion.

The Photoshoot Martografi Studio Workshop 2013

Martografi Studio 2013 felix pangestu blog wordpress-1 Martografi Studio 2013 felix pangestu blog wordpress-2

Martografi Studio 2013 felix pangestu blog wordpress-3

Martografi Studio 2013 felix pangestu blog wordpress-4

Martografi Studio 2013 felix pangestu blog wordpress-5

Martografi Studio 2013 felix pangestu blog wordpress-6

Martografi Studio 2013 felix pangestu blog wordpress-7

Martografi is one of extracurricular that exist in Petra Christian University. In this workshop we learned about the lighting set up in the photo studio. Very crowded there and the important think is we can have fun togeher. Not like any other photoshoot I had done, we had to take turns with other students here. So we must set in our mind, what light set up and what pose we would to take before our turn started. It’s such a great experience I can learn together with friends. 🙂

Here’s a short video I took, very short, because my battery got low 😦 I hope you can enjoy it

Cheers ~ felixpangestu 🙂